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Bamboo Black Single Pack

£9.00 £19.95 saving £10.95
Bamboo Black Single Pack

Bamboo Black Single Pack

£9.00 £19.95 saving £10.95

Black is stunning.

Do you have rounded arms on your couch? No problem we include a FREE Bumper Pack to ensure your table remains stable! You probably won't need the bumpers on flat arms but they are there just in case.

Remember that Slinkys do not work with arms that are too narrow so your sofa arm needs to be at least 135 mm wide or 5.3 inches.

Shipped straight from our warehouse in Cheshire so delivery is fast - usually between 2 and 3 days. Cost is £3.95.

  • All new slim and elegant design.
  • The Black Slinky Sofa Table suits any decor, new or old. Add a touch of panache to your home with this midnight black Slinky Sofa Table.
  • All Slinky Sofa Tables are polyurethane coated for hassle-free cleaning and easy care.
  • Made from Bamboo.
  • Slinky Sofa Tables work on most furniture, flat and rounded.
  • Slinky Sofa Tables make perfect gifts because they will be used every single day.
  • Safe and secure online checkout.

Table section is 9.8 inches (250mm) (length) x 5.3 inches (135mm) (width). Each slat is 9.8 inches (250mm) (length) x 1.2 inches (30mm) (width). Overall measurement when flat is 9.8 inches (250mm) (length) x 14.8 inches (375mm) (width).

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